Author, Edit, and Publish

Publior Author is an editing tool that enables Publishing Houses to create, publish and distribute eBooks in real-time and on any device.

In an intuitive environment authors can create highly engaging, interactive eBooks and digitize existing text books using an array of rich multimedia features.

Publior Author is a cost effective, real-time solution for publishers who want to reach their audience on any mobile and desktop device.

Publior Author is available on Mac and PC.

  • Publish your eBooks to an audience of thousands of students and teachers.
  • Your eBook can also be made available in a stand-alone eBook format on a USB stick or CD.
  • From text book to digital book in less than 60 seconds (average time for every 100 pages).
  • Train your authors and editors to use Publior Author in less than an hour.



Publior Author is an advanced editing tool with a series of compelling capabilities:

    • Create new eBooks from existing .html, .pdf, or .jpg format.
    • Enjoy a series of embedded tools, like navigation, annotation, and presentation features.
    • Keep your intellectual property protected with highly encrypted methods and unique, time-sensitive activation codes.
    • Automate and accelerate the creation of rich and interactive multi-media content in existing text files through advanced features.
    • Work in a cloud-based, content management environment with predefined roles and responsibilities to expedite the editing phase.
    • Create content units, easy to reuse in many different publications (eBooks).

eBook Creation Process:

  • We perform quality tests to all your converted and interactive content.
  • We ensure the compatibility of your eBook in existing, older, and newer desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.
  • All our experts are leaders and participate in forums that assess and define the format of interactive digital media.
  • We fully support Court of Justice of the European Union C-362/14 privacy rules.
  • We provide full technical support and we guarantee 30 minutes response time during the course of working days.

eBook Publishing:

  • We provide full white-label capabilities for both the eBooks and the cloud management platform.
  • We strongly protect your intellectual property with the most advanced security policies and technologies.
  • We perform quality tests to your eBooks.
  • Corrected and augmented eBook content can be published in a second to all your readers.

eBook Selling:

  • Our team has international experience in multiple business models and will be able to guide you through the process of creating a new, modern business model.
  • We create a unique activation code per eBook that can be programmed to be time-limiting in order to support advanced business models.
  • We can host and distribute your eBooks through our cloud platform, thus eliminating the need to pay high-cost intermediary fees.
  • We provide real-time sales and content-usage statistics.
  • We support all existing e-Shops.
  • We provide a white-labeled platform for selling and managing your content and readers. (Cloud e-Commerce custom solution).

eBook Edition Scheduling:

  • Readers can provide real-time feedback to the authors and editors.
  • Reader comments can be captured and automatically integrated into future editions or new eBooks.
  • Our content management platform enables readers to provide feedback via a pre-integrated interface, and/ or via question forms that both authors and editors can automatically create and share.

Our pricing model and policies:

  • We charge for each of our tools and platform usage, and per eBook after an eBook activation.
  • We are flexible to adapt our pricing to our customer business model.
  • Our pricing is transparent and we disclose all involved costs upfront. No hidden or unexpected costs.