Teach, Assign, and Adapt

Publior App is an application that enables the presentation of rich media and interactive content in all mobile and desktop devices, providing the latest in terms of navigation, annotation, and presentation.

Publior App:

  • collects useful reader behavior data and feedback,
  • enables the communication between the content owner/ creator/ teacher and the reader
  • automates work assignments,
  • and provides real-time feedback to the reader on the successful execution of interactive exercises.

In addition, teachers can teach the eBook content in the classroom or remotely by leveraging Publior App’s advanced presentation tools.

  • Publior App is available on any mobile device with screen bigger than 5 inches, or on PC and Mac.
  • We can train teachers to learn how to create, publish, and teach content in less than 10 minutes.
  • All students can learn to use the application without any training.

Teachers who want to start using Publior App can contact the publisher of the educational eBook, or the educational institute that has access to our platform. If none of them is using our platform, please contact us to register as a teacher and get access to our platform.


This is how Publior App facilitates teachers.


General information:

    • Automated registration of teachers and students.
    • Integration with school’s directory.
    • Simplified operation support that enables bulk eBook activation.
    • Single operational and technical support contract per school.
    • Simple content management cloud interface for teachers and school principles to assign roles and customize content access.
    • Web access to a knowledge database.
    • All content management functions are accessible in just 2-clicks.
    • Full support of EU’s Court of Justice of the European Union C-362/15 web and data privacy directive.
    • All teacher and student personal content is encoded and encrypted.
    • Usage of nicknames to protect the identity of the users.
    • Encrypted messaging through the cloud platform between students and teachers.
    • Receive technical support with 30 mins response time.

Teaching process:

  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • Simple and flexible ‘Work Assignment’ interface for daily work assignments and auto-correction / result aggregation and reporting per classroom, student, and subject.
  • Virtual ‘Whiteboard’ for real life experience even in remote teaching situations.
  • Establish constant communication between student and teacher in a closed and secure messaging system.
  • Motivate students with a reward program integrated into the content and platform.
  • Enhanced analytics to help assess student performance, content relevance, and teaching effectiveness.