Train, Improve, and Innovate

Continuous training of all employees in a fast evolving and extremely competitive environment can be a key differentiator and strategic advantage for a corporation. Publior provides companies with a full, secure, and simple content management and education solution.

Publior tools (Author, App) increase the productivity in any corporate environment:

  • We provide a full range of services, from content creation (eBooks with Publior Author) to presentation of content in our reader tool (Publior App).
  • Simple, “volume” operation processes to enrol employees into our cloud content management platform.
  • Simple, fully secure internal communication.
  • Customized user profiles.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Optional connectivity and interoperability with social networks.
  • Sales channel creation.
  • Content export to other forms (compatible with all other book and image formats).
  • Content usage in hybrid teaching environments.
  • Support for the creation and assignment of special, customized tests and feedback mechanisms.
  • Customizable reward system.
  • Advanced analytics to help assess user performance, content relevance, and communication effectiveness.
  • Full 8x5 technical support with 30 mins response time.